My Books & other people’s writing.


I have written lots of books, I’ve had four published and I have multiple WIPS to complete.  I love writing, I relish getting lost for hours in a make believe world I created, I enjoy hanging out with the wonderful people I made up in my head who somehow take over and tell me what to tap out on my keyboard. It’s Magic! It really is. Writer’s magic.

My imagination has always been fuelled by romance and longing for adventure. One of my all time favourite movies is ‘Romancing The Stone’  I wanted to be Joan Wilder, there were so many similarities in character I  felt someone had stolen my identity to write about her.

Intrigued about the writer, I did a bit of research and soon found out Diane Renee Thomas wrote the script. I was astounded to discover she was working as a waitress when she pitched the script to a customer… Michael Douglas! Although this account has been disputed by some, I love it and the fact remain he loved it so much he bought it, produced and starred in the film.

Tragically in a terrible twist Diane died in a car accident in the Porsche Michael Douglas bought her to thank her for her work on the film; she was 39 years old.

Diane Thomas was a wonderful writer. Michael Douglas said ‘She was not cautious, the script had a wonderful spirit about it. . . . There was a total lack of fear to the writing. It just worked.”

It certainly did and it was wonderful! I loved that movie so much I went to Colombia to live out my Joan Wilder fantasies. I later discovered it wasn’t actually filmed there. Also disappointingly no Jack T Colton types…. but on the plus side no bandits or crocodiles either.  I had an amazing time and I will never forget Diane Thomas.