Mojo Hunting in Mexico…

Today is a monumental day in my life, today I actually booked a flight to Mexico City!  For some people this would be no big deal but for me it is massive and I have travelled the world, I have been to 52 countries! But that was before…

Last year was hideous; 2016 ate me up and spat me out. All I want to do is sleep, eat biscuits sporadically and watch ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. This is not good. So the big plan is go to Mexico and find my Mojo!

Why Mexico? Well, after much research online for a place of sanctuary and healing that could help me; I found Hridaya, a spiritual yoga retreat in a rustic little town on the Pacific coast and I had a proper ‘Hallelujah’ moment!

Hridaya is a retreat like no other, it is a non profit organisation managed by volunteers and certified Yoga teachers, including some members of the community who live there permanently. (It is  not a cult, I have checked). They offer Yoga and meditation retreats focusing on spiritual, emotional and physical healing for an incredibly low price. Cue another ‘Hallelujah! moment. All in depth information and background is on their lovely website:

The retreat is based right next to the ocean, on the outskirts of Mazunte, a little fishing village untouched by commercial consumerism and  it is not on the tourist trail, unless you are into turtles as there is  a sanctuary there. The area  looks so beautiful, I think simply being there will help. I’ve only had a few Yoga classes in my life and never tried meditation so I chose Module 1 ‘The Path to the spiritual heart’. 21 days of yoga, meditation, study and spiritual awakening. The food is vegan, the accommodation is in a dorm, the environment is eco friendly ( compost toilets and splash baths) so I will really be getting back to basics. The idea is to strip away everything I am used to, get me out of my comfort zone and into a healing environment that will restore me and help me find my beloved Mojo.

I fly on March 24th, I found a deal with BA via Manchester and London with only 85 mins between flights for £485 return to Mexico City. After 13.5 hours flying  I will make my way to the Metro Bus, wherever that may be (This will be the part where I find a nice person to  direct me after I accost and perplex them with my Spanglish.)

Somewhere near the golden Nike Angel, a nice person will show me where to get off.  I chose a lovely boutique hostal because I can have a pretty private room with a balcony for £29 including breakfast.  After a quick shower and change I will  go searching for the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven…phew! 

This elaborately named  masterpiece  of colonial architecture is the oldest and largest cathedral in all of Latin America, (with the longest name in the world?) built in the 16th century, the beautiful cathedral dominates the city’s huge plaza, the Zócalo. This is where I will treat myself to a glass of champagne to celebrate my arrival and making it over the first hurdle towards finding my Mojo!


I love Colonial architecture, I will enjoy sitting there drinking my fizz as the sun goes down. Then I will look forward to a nice nights sleep. Of course in order to get this I am going to be prepared, with earplugs and a Diazepam. I have been to Latin America before, I know drivers love to toot their horns all  night long and happy people love to party. There is also a possibility that a Mariachi band could strike up a grand booming tune beneath my window. As a tormented over thinker, I have thought of everything that could happen.

My hotel/Hostal comes with the possibility of meeting other travellers, if I am in the mood to talk to anyone, depends how well I sleep. Not that I will have much time for socialising, I need to leave the next morning at 11am and get back to the airport by 12.30 because in my  booking frenzy  I got my dates wrong.  I thought the retreat started on the 26th, it doesn’t actually begin properly until the 27th so I could have had a full day in Mexico City but I don’t really mind, I can see it properly on the way back. I just want to get as close to Hridaya as quickly as possible, an anxiety fuelled wreck doesn’t travel well.

To get to the Pacific coast I could have taken a bus, 11 hours straight or broken the journey up with stop overs in beautiful colonial Puebla and Oaxaca. This initially appealed to me because there is a bus from Mexico City airport straight to Puebla, so I could have avoided the anxiety of getting into Mexico city. But then I found and a direct flight that gets me to Huatulco in just over an hour for £50, only a fool would take the bus.

I  can hop joyfully onto the bus and see Oaxaca, Puebla and many other gorgeous places on the way back, when I have found my Mojo!

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