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Me, the angry technophobe, grr!

I am feeling a lot better today, just working on this blog has lifted my spirits, I am happier because I am writing and I am writing about something I really love, Travel.

It is not easy though, in fact I am finding the technical side of the blog very challenging.  It has taken me three days to work out how to sort the menu on WordPress.  I just can’t understand how things computer related work. But, despite my lack of patience and knowledge about tags, widgets and settings, I have somehow manage to finally list my blogs under the correct header, title, menu, whatever they are at the top of my page.

I still can’t fathom how to have a proper Menu with a drop down box like other folk out in cyber world have but I guess this will come with more shouting and swearing at my computer.

My blog is taking shape but I am concerned I may be telling the world too much, well when I say ‘the world’ I do exaggerate, when I last checked my meta data stats thing my blog had 9 views.

But I am enjoying writing my travel tales about some of my very favourite places and putting pretty pictures in too, when it isn’t hurting my head it’s really enjoyable.

One thing I would love to know is how to follow other blogs as I am sure this would help me to join the cyber community of other like minded folk. Some blogs have a follow button, some don’t. I have not worked out why, yet. It would be really nice if I could have followers too, I am not expecting thousands but even to get one right now would feel like an achievement!

Right, now I have written this I need to try to remember how I can list it under my Diary tab. Oh no, grr!

16 thoughts on “Me, the angry technophobe, grr!”

  1. Welcome to the club of technophobe bloggers. You’re doing great. It took me 6 months to get over my fear of even opening WordPress or Wix. But here we are! Every day we learn something new. Like Henri Rollins said (or screamed): ‘don’t talk about it, do it!’ – and you’re doing it. Keep those stories coming. Some people tell me: put more pictures, nobody reads anymore. Well, I do. Rock on!


    1. Rik and Angela I just had a look at your blog, how fantastic you are living somewhere so tropical ! I will have a proper read later, my question is how do I follow your blog? I only see buttons for twitter and FB? Oh gawd it really is painful!


      1. Paranoia one of the worst time and energy wasting conditions, I suffer too. I have paid for my domain for a year so I am going to keep at it, it will be a lovely document of my travel stories and thoughts and hopefully keep me writing ( I write romance novels and am working on a travel one about Venezuela, I have been working on that one since 2002) Have a good day!

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  2. You´re doing great Louise! I´ve had fair share of struggle and cursing with WP myself over the years, but I love it now – such a great platform. And hey, even those who have worked with WP a long time doesn´t always know all the gimmicks! Usually there´s an answer to all questions if you just search from WP-forums and / or google 🙂

    About the following of other blogs: WP blogs are easy to follow because most of them have some kind of follow-button, you just have to be signed in on your own WP-account to follow. If the blog is using another platform, they may not have a follow-option but you could always ask from the blogger if they have a mailing list or something?

    Hope this helps, keep on blogging! 🙂


    1. Thank you Elina! I am trying to choose a new theme and hope it will have more widgets and be easier to navigate. WP should list them in categories of ease…I need the really easy theme!


    1. Oh thanks! I will have a look. I am buying a new laptop soon , once I have it I am determined to sort my blog out and work on it. I want to use it as a record of all my travels, to preserve my memories and have a permanent diary of my travels.


    2. Your blog looks beautiful. I need to translate it. You have been to many places I have. Do you live there? I love Bulgaria so much. I had two houses but was a disaster, too much work needed, I wasted my money. I dream of living in Sozopol or the Rhodopes. 💓


      1. Thanks! And good luck with the translating, google is not so good with finnish-english translations 😀 Actually I´ve been thinking to write short english versions at the end of all blog posts, what do you think, should I give it a try?:) My english is not perfect so I feel a bit unfomfortable about it. I share my time between BG / FI , Burgas is where I feel at home and also love the Rhodopes ❤


    1. Lol! I am the typo queen! Yes, try to do an English version, or just a little bit of the intro beneath to say use google translate or babel to translate for English version (some people can’t think of this for themselves )


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